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Scentech has a lofty goal: Supercharging our sense of smell, using scent to reveal new layers of molecular data about our environment. Backed by founders with proven entrepreneurial success, their portable lab on a chip was both simple and revolutionary. Ahead of a large funding round, the team was looking to turn their technology into a wide platform that could support multi-billion dollar mass market applications. Management engaged Y.Benjamin to help concretize the story and strategy.


Y. Benjamin worked on the narrative from the ground up, ensuring that each element was solid before adding another layer. We addressed every aspect of this new venture, from the overarching mission to the details of the technology. During the course of multiple due diligence sessions, we asked strategic questions that helped crystalize Scentech’s strategy and story going forward. Enthusiasm, experience and product excellence – these key themes took center stage in the company’s investor deck.

“Y. Benjamin showed how our exciting vision can become reality, backed by a developed plan and hard numbers. Big ideas and practical applications – they are all in there.”Avner Arazi
Avner AraziFounder, Scentech


Investors instantly understand the power of Scentech’s offering and see a clear path for execution.