Case Studies

Physimax formulates go-to-market strategy

at a glance

5 week


2 target markets


30+ potential clients



Physimax, a provider of real time motion analysis solutions for athletes, developed a strong technology that had initial deployments spanning several different market segments. As the company moved towards a repeatable sales motion, Physimax needed in-depth insights on their competitor’s offering, as well as a deeper understanding of market dynamics (e.g. needs analysis, pricing, decision makers) to hone in on their most promising market segment.


The research process included a combination of quantitative research and in-depth interviews to understand market dynamics. Over 30 executives, market specialists and potential clients were contacted, including in-person meetings in the US. Following this process, the findings were analyzed and provided to the company to help them focus the G2M strategy and optimize their value proposition and messaging for market needs.

Y.Benjamin ran a focused research process, gathering valuable insights directly from customers. Within several weeks we had ruled out one customer segment in favor of another and were ready for broad distribution.Ram Shalev
Ram ShalevCEO, Physimax


Physimax narrowed down their marketing efforts, eliminating focus on certain markets and shifting efforts to other market opportunities.