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Clarity Capital raises new venture capital fund

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Clarity Capital, a leading investment firm, had already achieved a strong global position in asset management. They wanted to offer their clients access to an exciting new opportunity that was normally not accessible to  private individuals: The chance to invest alongside top Fortune 500s in Israeli technology deals. Looking to raise a new venture fund for this offering, Clarity reached out to us for help in explaining their investment strategy to LPs.


We worked with the Clarity team to analyze the strategic and financial strengths of their offering. Data-driven insights provided support for their strategy, which we gathered by speaking to different research firms and investors in the market. Together we built a brand for this new venture, incorporating the growing activity of multinational corporate ventures, Clarity’s track record of success and the Israeli high tech landscape. The resulting presentation reflected their story, with compelling messages and visuals for each component of their case.

“Y. Benjamin helped us create investor materials for our latest venture fund. They brought a deep understanding of the startup landscape, including the supporting financial data, and crafted a strong value proposition.”Jonathan Gellis
Jonathan GellisChief Strategy Officer, ClarityTECH


Clarity Capital was able to demonstrate a strong business case for their new venture capital fund and show potential investors the numbers behind their strategy.