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InSoundz: Storytelling generates investor demand

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InSoundz developed revolutionary technology: a 3D audio model of any space, resulting in instant audio capture and creation. Their rich 360° sound experience for live sports games and VR/AR gained traction right away. They raised a Series A round and had an impressive list of clients.  It was time to show investors and prospects how their engine could go beyond these initial markets and be widely applied across a range of industries. 


We worked with InSoundz to create a vision that showed the huge opportunity backed by sound business logic. The passion was there – we added the numbers, the technology and the trends to illustrate why InSoundz is a sound investment. We refined their story until it reflected both their long term vision as well as their short term plan for generating substantial sales. At the conclusion of the project, management had one unified message that incorporated all the different aspects of their story.

"Y. Benjamin hit it out of the park, successfully illustrating the many applications of our solution. Their focus and drive got us where we needed to go in terms of messaging."Guy Etgar, CEO
Guy Etgar, CEOInsoundz


Any investor, any clientInSoundz was able to demonstrate the power of their innovative technology and get large investors on board.