Strategy on steroids

Strategy on Steroids Course




This 5 week online program teaches you how to

quickly and efficiently collect valuable market

insights, making sure you get to market with an

offering your clients truly need

Through a combination
of online lectures and live
strategic consulting, you
will learn a unique new
research methodology that
allows you to validate
important business decisions.

This course is for you if you are …


An entrepreneur
testing a new idea


An early-stage startup
validating product-market fit


Assessing potential of a
new client segment


Formulating a marketing
message for your clients


A product specialist
validating new features


A corporate innovation team
analyzing new opportunities


Proven Methodology

It’s a fast-paced world out there, and you and your team need to keep up. We’ve condensed the traditional strategic research process (think old-school McKinsey style) into short, easy-tomanage sprints. In just three short weeks and 5 succinct chapters, SOS will teach you how to identify market demand and contact and engage experts, giving you everything you need to go to market and succeed.

Unlock valuable market insights in half the time

Competitors weaknesses

Industry trends

Clients needs

Available budgets

Barriers to entry

Market Segmentation


Hi, I’m Yael

Former investment banker, strategy consultant, and old-school market researcher turned strategic advisor to innovators. With over a decade of experience in the industry, I have helped hundreds of startups raise over $1B (and counting) by helping them to better understand their target markets, and enabling them to get to market with products their clients truly need.

My mission is to bring the same level of analysis I saw in the corporate world to innovators in the timeframe and format that they need. With my this course, you will get established Wall Street quality analytical insights at startup speeds. 

Say goodbye to hours of exhaustive research, and hello to actionable insights from experts!

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    This is a practical course: Learn through a test case




    Learn the Strategy

    on Steroids




    Collect market

    insights for a test

    case of your choice

    The Total Package

    1. Digital Content

    Live videos and slide-based lectures featuring the methodology, real world case studies and actionable tips

    2. Live Zoom Sessions

    Meet Yael for a weekly strategic session, analyzing progress and discussing areas for improvement


    Get access to full resource library


    Tackling a huge research question can be daunting. This easy-to-use template shows you how to take a research question and break it down into manageable data points for collection.


    Get organized when managing outreach attempts. This wish list template helps aggregate all your data in one place to track your progress.


    Take the guesswork out of intro emails with our extensive library of outreach templates. Choose from dozens of templates and know exactly what to say when reaching out to market experts.


    Document and organize notes from your interviews in a systematic and smart way, sharing conclusions with stakeholders and preserving organizational knowledge for future use.


    Synthesizing huge amounts of data is time-consuming and confusing. This template leverages the principles of management consulting to help you synthesize all the data that you have collected and formulate strong data-backed conclusions.

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      “Using this process we gathered valuable insights directly from customers. Within several weeks we had ruled out one customer segment in favor of another and were ready for broad distribution.”Ram Shalev
      Ram ShalevCEO Physimax
      “Our entire business development team has adopted the Strategy on Steroids methodology to assess new opportunities. It is a simple and efficient way to gather valuable insights directly from our target markets, letting us make sure that there is a strong market need before we go ahead and start developing new products. I think that this is a really scalable way to test new innovations”Avi Ben-Zvi
      Avi Ben-Zvi Director Business Development ICL



      – About this course

      – Engaging your market and the SOS methodology

      Chapter 1


      – About this course

      – Engaging your market and the SOS methodology

      Chapter 2


      – Who are the most relevant experts?

      – Where to find experts?

      Chapter 3


      – How to reach out and cold email

      – Dealing with ignorers

      – Dealing with pushback

      Chapter 4


      – The art of a perfect interview

      Chapter 5


      – Formulating strategic conclusions

      – Task: Complete strategic conclusion template


      1. Who is this course for?
      In short – anyone seeking to engage their target markets and make data-backed decisions. Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a big idea, a startup looking to grow, or a corporation seeking to innovate, SOS will equip you with the right tools and strategies to make informed decisions when going to market.
      2. How long will the course take me?
      The course takes approximately 3 weeks to complete. This will give you the time to thoroughly learn and understand the methodology and implement it in practice. Once you have learned the methodology, the sky is the limit. SOS can be applied every time you want to make a big decision or innovate, getting you the insights you need within days.
      3. Why is market research important?
      Market research is key to the success of any business. Having the proper insights helps you learn the market need for your product, what customers want, but how your business can successfully reach out and connect with them by helping you evaluate your marketing strategy, identify problems and opportunities, and refine your processes. Many times I hear startups say: “I’m an innovator, and have to move fast and get to market quicker than my competitors, so I don’t have time for lots of market research.” That’s true, you don’t have tons of time, but what you don’t do now, you will regret later on when you realize you invested so much time and effort in developing a product and marketing strategy only to realize client needs are different. To save time, I suggest conducting market research in short bursts, utilizing the agile approach. You will do a bit of research, fine tune your product according to your findings, and then go to market more prepared and wiser.
      4. How is SOS different from other courses?
      SOS stands out from the crowd because it’s more than just digital content. It’s a super-powered step-by-step course with live strategic sessions and support from myself and our experts. Your success and progress is my top priority, so I take extra care to make sure I provide support every step of the way. With SOS you get personalized attention without a huge hit to your budget. Think of SOS as your personal mentor and cheerleader guiding you on your way to the finish line armed with valuable insights.
      5. What if I get stuck and need more help?
      I’m here to guide you. One of the special things about this course is the hands-on guidance you receive from me. Live Zoom sessions allow you to implement and perform tasks within each chapter with the ability to discuss limitations and challenges and identify points of improvement. If you have specific questions or want more help, I am always available via email to answer any questions. I have another question: Great! Email it to and I’ll get back to you ASAP!