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Payzday: Translating technology into strong business impact

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As a company that provides unprecedented visibility into online marketplace merchant activity and risk via machine learning, Payzday was revolutionizing lending for the growing field of e-commerce sellers. They were in a unique position: they had developed a technology that had been validated, identified a market that needed capital and had an automated solution for serving that market effectively.  Their challenge: How could they demonstrate the value of their offering, with its sophisticated technology and complicated risk models, in a way that showed the simplicity and elegance of their solution?


Over the course of several brainstorming sessions we explored how this new model of funding for small sellers can power future e-commerce growth. What happens today? How can Payzday change that? We crystallized Payzday’s vision and how to communicate their message to marketplace sellers, investors and financial institutions. We armed the company with a deck that breaks this complex story into understandable pieces and that illustrates the business value that their technology brings.

“They asked all the right questions, highlighting where we needed to sharpen our messaging, and handled complex concepts with ease. Terrific process and terrific output.”Nir Salomon, Co-Founder & CMO
Nir Salomon, Co-Founder & CMO Payzday


When meeting with potential clients and financial institutions, Payzday clearly illustrated how their platform can transform the market.